How much will my photo cost?

To make it easier we breakdown the old photos we receive into three levels of difficulty. Below is each levels description, as well as a couple of examples to help you judge before hand and get a rough idea of cost. We will always advise you on what Level of photo restoration your image falls into before performing any work. Please note cost does not include postage.

Level 1

All minor photo restoration such as removal of small dust or scratch damage, basic sun bleaching colour corrections, grayscale/colour depth enhancements, and general image fine tuning.

Pricing can be as little as €6 to a maximum of €12.

Level 1 restorationLevel 1 restoration

Level 2

Dust, scratch and crease damage which warrant more specific reconstruction, more complex colour, tone and grayscale adjustments, minor tears or small sections missing from image etc.

Pricing can be between €12 to a maximum of €25.

Level 2 restoration

Level 3

Moderate scratch and crease damage including heavy internal tears, damage to facial features, major colour or grayscale adjustments, larger sections missing and other specific requests (removing/adding people, changing backgrounds etc).

Pricing starting from €25 and above...

Level 3 restorationLevel 3 restoring